Welcome to the official website for the children's novel, The Crystal Ship. As the writer of the book, I would like to bid you a very warm welcome. Before I go any further, I suppose I should introduce myself. My name is Christian Carter-Stephenson and I have been churning out stories in one form or another since my early teens. The Crystal Ship was my attempt to create what I like to call a science fiction fairy-tale. By which, I mean a story that falls under the umbrella of science fiction, but also incorporates key characteristics of a traditional fairy-tale. It is my intention to write further stories in a similar vein, but only time will tell if I actually get around to this.

I have created this website for the benefit of everyone who has read or is interested in reading The Crystal Ship. Here you can find out everything you could possibly want to know about the book, and share your thoughts with other readers. Navigation is via the menu bar on the left. Enjoy your stay and be sure to keep checking back, as I will be adding updates on a fairly regular basis - I hope.




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